I'm Martha. Freelance creative, designer, and artist creating visual aesthetics. I am passionate about living well and finding contentment in the every day. I am a student of many things. Curiously exploring the intersect of art, design and well-being

Design is a beautiful collision between my creative and strategic side. My purpose is to honor what you do and who you are through art and design. I want to see mindful, heart-first businesses flourish so they may impact our collective conscious.


I dream of creative healing. Of creating art that soothes and heals, a calming influence on the mind, heart and soul. Creating collages became a vehicle to reconnect with myself and cultivate healing. I discovered that regular access to a clear mind state opens the pathway to inner authenticity. 


Visual Identity Design

Concept Development

Digital & Print Marketing Material

Art Direction

Editorial Design

Social Media Graphics

Collage Art

For project inquiries, collaborations, or to start a conversation please contact me here